Medals of War brings WW2 fantasy with real-time PvP battles on mobile to a grown-up audience.

”Best Defense is an Explosive Offense”

On this date, Nitro Games revealed the art style and first characters of the upcoming game, Medals of War. The look and feel of the game represents WW2 fantasy – A humorous take on the mid-19th century military themes. The game is set in Warland, which is an over-the-top militaristic world of battling autonomous armies, led by Commanders (the player). The game features a wealth of different characters, machines of war and environments. The narrator and the link between the game and the real world is a beautiful and savvy war correspondent Flower Adams.

For the player, there’s a huge variety of different decks, officers with special powers and battle tactics to build and customize. The battle environments take the player through the landscapes of Warland – from the fields and forests, through the war torn cities all the way into the piercing cold of the North.

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Nitro Games is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher with a decade of experience in developing games for the mid-core user segment, mostly focusing on the genre of strategy games. The Company focuses on producing games with high production value and high revenue potential for smartphones and tablets. With Nitro Games’ powerful NG Platform and NG MVP-process, the Company is able to do market validation with new game prototypes after only a week of development. Historically, Nitro Games has developed games such as East India Company, Commander: Conquest of the Americas, Pirates of Black Cove and Raids of Glory.


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