Earlier this week Nitro Games announced the first Heroes from the upcoming game Heroes of Warland and the first Superstars from the upcoming entertainment program Heroes & Superstars.

“We’re delighted to announce that the filming of Heroes & Superstars will happen in Åre, Sweden.
Gamingzone Entertainment is building everything there to make it a perfect location for Superstars to
compete in Heroes of Warland.”
Jussi Tähtinen, CEO & CO-Founder of Nitro Games Oyj.

The Superstars announced so far are:

    • Fatal1ty (USA) – Quake
    • BorasLegend (Sweden) – FIFA
    • Stormen (Sweden) – Fortnite & H1Z1
    • Eloise (China) – Hearthstone

Heroes & Superstars is a reality show where Fatal1ty, BorasLegend, Stormen, Eloise, 5 yet to be announced gaming superstars and three sports champions will battle out in Heroes of Warland against each other. The launch of Heroes & Superstars will sync with the launch of Heroes of Warland and premiere in 2018. Heroes & Superstars will be distributed on global streaming platforms as well as on traditional broadcast. Heroes & Superstars is produced by Gamingzone Entertainment.

Heroes of Warland is a team-based competitive multiplayer game on mobile. With Heroes of Warland, Nitro Games is introducing hero-based shooter genre on mobile for the first time. The genre has been highly popular on PC. Hero-based shooter means that the game has several hero characters, each with their own individual skills and abilities, offering a unique and fun team multiplayer experience previously unseen on mobile.

Want to find out who are the next names we are going to announce? Follow our channels and join the community to be the first one to find out the news!

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