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Our ambition and vision are to become the household name in the shooter category.
We are always looking for new exciting projects and great partners to work with.

We don’t take many partner projects simultaneously, as we want to make sure every project gets 100% of our focus and the best expertise to ensure the game will be successful in the long run.
We are offering an opportunity to partner with an experienced world-class studio from the heart of mobile gaming, Finland. We have the experience, teams, and technology to handle everything related to development, LiveOps, publishing, and marketing of a game. We also have a broad and reliable partner network that we can use to scale our operations whenever needed.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a flexible long-term partner to deliver your next winning game.

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Nitro Games has number of experienced development teams who have worked on wide range of games and partners. In the past years we’ve focused on building the seniority of our development teams and improving our development processes as we’ve seen this is important for a smooth and fruitful cooperation with partners.

We can build the best team for each project depending on the partner’s needs and with our good recruitment network we are able to support those areas of the project that needs strengthening.


We have vast experience working with different technologies and game engines. Our proprietary technology,  NG Platform can be used on top of the game engine: it makes the development fast, cost-efficient, and reliable.

NG Platform has been validated and used by most of our partners in the past, and we would also like to offer its several advantages to our new partners as well.

Live operations

Nitro Games offers its LiveOps services for partners as well. We can take an existing live game and operate it creating WIN-WIN for both parties. We can develop features and content to maximize life cycle revenue, and use our Senior LiveOps team to actively manage and integrate modern LiveOps tools to a game.

Nitro Games also has experience on building and operating backend services to enable effective live operations.


We have a seasoned in-house marketing team that can handle all the aspects of mobile game publishing. Our state-of-art custom analytics and full tech stack make it possible for us to execute efficient paid user acquisition.

"As a partner Nitro has shown a great deal of resilience and reliability. The time spent working with them enriched me both professionally and personally"

Dzmitry Yudo, Creative director at


Are you interested in collaborating with Nitro Games? Having a brilliant game idea, but no-one to make it? Let's get in touch!

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"Working with Nitro Games on theHunter: Mobile has been an enriching experience. With their expertise, we are able to create a mobile game that encapsulates what theHunter spirit is all about."

Sacha Karsenty, Product Owner, Expansive Worlds


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